Whether serving as base stone for a library or assisting erosion control in waterways, crushed stone is one of the most vital and versatile materials in construction projects

Crushed stone is any type of natural rock that, in order to be mined has to be first blasted from its natural state in the ground, and then processed (crushed and screened).

Our crushed stone sand products can be used in conjunction with concrete aggregates or by themselves to achieve desired finishes on precast concrete products as well as many other applications where natural stone is required.

Our modern mechanized construction and the need for high strength concrete and asphalt mixes have brought us into new quality standards.


Crushed Stone is used for driveways, drainage, and is often mixed with asphalt, placed around trees, landscaping, French drains, and as a sub-base for concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, and patios, septic systems, & tracking pads for job sites.